Best file system for a storage server

Hello everyone, I am fairly new to ubuntu and I am bit at lost with the different filesystems and I was wondering if someone can help me
I built a 32GB ubuntu 18.04 server with 3 Disk 1 of 500 GB and 2 4TB disk. Ubuntu has been installed in the 500GB drive and it is format with ext4
This server will be use 90% of the time as a backup server.
Backup for an Exchange Server
Backup for pictures/images/drawins
Backup for user home directories.

Everyone of the systems above are windows system.
I will need to mount the linux filesystems (located on the 2 GB disk) in the windows systems in order to copy the data from Windows to Linux, hence using samba in the ubuntu server.

Of course if any of the windows servers fails, I need to be able to copy the data back from Ubuntu into the given server.

Question here is, should I need to partition the 2 4GB disk to NTFS or Ext32 or ext4 is just fine (or any other fisystem for that matter?)

thank you very much for the help.

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