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I want to apply for an Ubuntu membership.
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I translate Afrikaans language for Ubuntu Afrikaans Translators team.
Administrator of Launchpad Afrikaans Translators team.
Answer questions on Ubuntu questions.
Look for spam on Ubuntu questions to be removed by launchpad.

Member of the Ubuntu Quality team.

I have been on the Ubuntu top contributors list for 2 years.

Launchpad Afrikaans Translators team Administrator

I want to make Ubuntu better than what it is today.
Continue translating until the entire Ubuntu language pack is completed for Afrikaans language.


That’s impressing indeed.

And one way to see the result is to study this page:

It shows the Afrikaans translation coverage for the 150 packages which are considered most important in Ubuntu. Green bars as far as the eye can see (almost).

I take my hat off to you! :+1:


Bernard Stafford Wiki Page

Thank You, very much appreciated

Top Launchpad Itself Contributors List

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@bernard010 you did wrong to enter
i had to modify this, take my membership as an example… :wink:
for anything I am here :blush:

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Thanks you took my name off the application list :blush:
I finally figured it out. @nicoz Change your date on yours

@bernard010 wrote it in the wrong part… take my subscription as an example :+1:

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Indeed, a lot good contributions to Launchpad. I also take my hat off! :slight_smile:

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Thank You very much.
Indeed welcome to the community !

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congratulations bernard010 :smiley:
We welcome a new member into the family fold.

-keep up your good works-


Thank You It feels good to be part of the great community of Ubuntu.

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