Beautiful lock screen/login screen

I would love to see more of a beautiful alternating scenic picture login/lock screen similar to Windows. I am not sure if this idea should be upstream to Gnome?


That’s 100% an upstream feature request. As it is, the lockscreen simply blurs whatever your current background is.


It would be nice if the amount of blur was adjustable

Agreed… the Gnome project has a forum where I have pushed it upstream. Gnome has really come a long way, but it would still be nice to make the login/lock screens more polished like Windows – and I believe it will get there.

Linux Mint already has a great blurred background lock screen and login screen that you can set up – and I think you could also set up a scenic slide show lock screen similar to Windows 10/11.

Linux Mint doesn’t use GNOME per se, they use a separate desktop environment (depending on the edition you download), either Cinnamon, MATE, or Xfce. For what it’s worth, we also have official Ubuntu flavors consisting of Ubuntu MATE, Xubuntu (for Xfce), and as of 23.04, Ubuntu Cinnamon.

My point being that you can’t really compare Linux Mint in this regard as it isn’t even the same lockscreen as it’s a completely different desktop environment.

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I agree that I really think Ubuntu should have a nicer default here!

FYI there’s a number of tools to help you change it personally, like:
(You want a tool to do it because there’s some GSettings xml stuff you need to mess with…)

Right, I was just pointing out that other distros have something other than default.

Sure, and I pointed out the same. Ubuntu Cinnamon, Ubuntu MATE, and Xubuntu aren’t separate distributions from Ubuntu; they are Ubuntu, but different out-of-the-box experiences. The only thing they lack is direct commercial support from Canonical if you need that.