“backup” network to access instance when interface is down

I use Multipass to develop and test a snap-based IoT stack which relies on NetworkManager’s D-Bus API to do network stuff. This also involves starting/stopping connections, but if anything goes wrong, I’m shut out of the Multipass instance.

My host OS is macOS 12.0.1, VM launches Ubuntu 20.04. Using multipass 1.8.1+Mac with default hyperkit backend.
I currently set renderer: NetworkManager in the default Netplan config to allow NetworkManager to manage the ethernet connection.

  1. How would I add a “backup” network interface that is not managed by NetworkManager at all, so that I can still access the instance no matter what?
  2. Is there a better way to have a dummy interface managed by NetworkManager?

Thanks in advance :blush:
(ping @saviq)

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Hey @glancr!

Have a look here:

You can add an interface bridged to a physical interface and configure it manually with: --network name=<interface>,mode=manual. You can then configure netplan to configure it statically. If you told both NM and netplan to ignore the interface, you’d need to somehow configure it yourself.