Automatic enlarge swap for hibernation

Greetings, I have installed logical LVM, but it does simply cannot hibernate to swap and recover on boot after unencrypting.

SUSE can do that. Fedora can do that, why ubuntu cannot automatically set SWAP size to hybernation?


It would be great if changing swap file size would be exposed somewhere in GUI.

I also recently had to increase it manually to 32GB for my video production use case.
I imagine most users would move to Windows before changing the swap from a terminal.
It’s not a trivial task to do, especially if you know nothing about it. Do you have a swap file, swap partition or a swap zfs volume. You can break your system in 5 minutes if you are going blindly copy-pasting commands from the Internet.
And you can’t work before figuring that out first.

If I wasn’t tech savy to even think about increasing swap file and if there wasn’t a guy from this forum who pointed me in the right direction on how to do so I would have thought that the software wasn’t working on Ubuntu or that Ubuntu is flawed os and would have moved to Windows.

As it turns out, it works much better than on Windows but the small swap file was crashing it immediately. It goes to show how big of a deal this is. It hits you when you least expect it in the worst time when you have the most work so to fill up a swap completely and crash.

Can swap be made to be dynamic? Or to learn from users usage and modify itself over time? What if there is a memory leak? Maybe there should still be the lower and upper limit to like min: 2gb and max: 1/2 of the free space.