Autoinstall customization

Hi all,

I’m trying to create an install image that could be used by field team, in order to install desktops, or server team, to install bare metal servers. The idea is to have a single image which would install a basic system and then handover the system to a configuration management tool, which would take all other steps to deliver the system.

All research I’ve done until now points me to using Ubuntu Server Installer, with autoinstall features to properly provide the initial system. I’ve some questions:

  • Is this course of action feasible? Would love to hear from more experienced people out there.
  • Is it possible to exclude some packages from default server install? I know you can install extra packages, but how about default list? Is it fixed? Can it be replaced?
  • Is it possible to (easily) include custom questions to installation process? These questions would provide data to the configuration management tool, so it could properly finish the process.

Thanks in advance!