Attending & Sponsoring freenode #live (UK)

freenode #live is a community-focused live event designed to build and strengthen relationships between Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) developers and users.

It takes place in Bristol from 28th to 29th October 2017. Canonical are sponsoring the event, and a few of us (@popey, @evan and @jamiebennett are attending). We plan to have a small exhibitor area and @jamiebennett (Canonical VP of IoT & Device Engineering) will be giving a talk on the Saturday.

There’s a ton of other great speakers lined up from the Free Software community. If you’re in the UK are/or able to get to Bristol for the event, that would be awesome! You can get ticket details on the freenode #live website.

See you there!


So excited for this! If you’re coming to Freenode Live be sure to swing by and say hi.

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