Are You An Ubuntu Content Creator? Let us Know!

Hello! Do you make Ubuntu-related (which includes flavors and remixes!) content, like…

  • live streams and recorded videos - whether it’s about making Ubuntu (packaging, snaps, testing) or making/playing things on Ubuntu (showing off your gaming/painting/musical skills) :video_camera:
  • Artwork :paintbrush:
  • Documentation (websites, tutorials, books, etc.) :memo:
  • Music :musical_note:
  • Any other content my tea-deprived brain might be forgetting! :sleepy::tea:

Feel free to share links to your work here! We want to help content creators find each other, connect the community their content, and have a handy resource to help us highlight community achievements and creations. :flashlight:


While I have not created content specifically about Ubuntu, I proudly have been using Ubuntu and derivatives to power my media content creations centered around the R language for statistical computing :bar_chart: Here are a few of my current productions:

:studio_microphone: In 2012 I launched the R-Podcast to share practical advice on using R to accomplish innovative statistical analyses and to spotlight the amazing community of package authors and data scientists leveraging R to build new capabilities and generate thought-provoking insights from data. Each episode to date has been recorded on an Ubuntu LTS release (I believe starting with 12.04) with the Audacity audio program.

:video_camera: The Shiny Developer Series is a series of video interviews and screencasts on how to effectively produce web applications powered by R and the shiny package, full of interviews with the developers of Shiny and related packages, as well as those using Shiny in their fields to produce production-grade applications. Plus, I started doing live-streams of my development process. All episodes are produced on Ubuntu or Pop OS with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) snap package and OBS Ninja to bring remote guests into the recording.

:newspaper: My newest creation is a short audio podcast called RWeekly Highlights, a weekly short 10-15 minute deep dive into the top-voted community blog posts, tutorials, or package updates from the latest RWeekly issue that assembles a curated collection of R and data science resources each week. All episodes are recorded on Pop OS 20.04 with the Reaper DAW.

For my workflows Linux and Ubuntu have opened the doors for me to think big and try new ideas, all while having fun doing it :grinning: (I wanted to add more links but I was limited to only 2)


I have @popey to thank for all of it:

  • Alan helped bootstrap Ubuntu MATE, bringing back into the Ubuntu community from Arch Linux. #iusedtorunarchlinuxbtw
  • Alan invited :ticket: me to join Ubuntu Podcast, which led to our involvement in FOSS Talk.
  • Alan had this crazy idea :bulb: for real-time streaming of classic 8-bit games :joystick: from our youth which led to creating a low-latency retro game streaming app, in Bash of course. Although 8-bit Versus is on hiatus, it is where I initially learned OBS and discovered a new hobby. It was also fun reigniting :fire:playground fights :boxing_glove:from the past :spider_web:

I do all of the above using Ubuntu MATE and Ubuntu. And nano :rofl:


And my immense thanks to you and @popey for the OBS snap! It literally gave me the easiest way to begin and advance my video productions in a first-class experience not just in Linux, but across any OS that uses OBS Studio :pray: If anyone reading this thread wants to start creating video content, there are so many goodies and plugins to make the experience that much better baked into the snap for you.


I have been using Ubuntu in one form or another since the good old days of Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron, most of the time using vanilla Ubuntu.

I have recently joined the Ubuntu MATE team, to work on the new Software Boutique.

Thanks to @Wimpy, aka “the OBS Sensei”, I am live streaming most of the work for this project on YouTube.

With my friend Dave, we have an unofficial Star Trek podcast called Tea, Earl Grey, Hot !, and we’re using Ubuntu to record and edit the show using Audacity and some other FOSS software. And of course, putting my newly aquired knowledge of all things OBS, we are now live streaming this show on YouTube too !

I have contributed the jack1 interface to snapd, enabling snaps to play and record audio by connecting to a jack1 server running on the host.

The easiest way to get hold of me is on Twitter, my username there is @frenchguych. Don’t be shy, come say hi !


Hello everyone my name is bigpod.
This is how my youtube videos as streams start start. I make videos about server topics and programming featuring Ubuntu specificly Ubuntu MATE flavour.

  • Currently i focus on 2 topics Containersiation and Programming with C# on linux.
  • As of time of writing my main focus is my open source kubernetes first server tool with development name Repository Manager Net which im mainly developing during my semi regular streams. With this series of streams im trying to showcase power of C# which is the main programming language in Repository Manager Net, and that it is great for use on linux even if it was made by Microsoft. (you can find Repository manager net on github). This server tool allows easy deployment of many repositories of different linux package managers like apt, dnf/rpm, pacman(arch) and more later on. In later updates i plan on including other linux package managers as well as allowing the option of deploying registries/repositories for different languages.
  • During the development of Repository Manager Net im also using an amazing snap made by Canonical called MicroK8s. Which allows you to setup your own single or multi node cluster in matter of minutes. I will showcase MicroK8s in a video soon™.
  • I also am a part of Ubuntu MATE development team with main focus on automation of building packages for test purposes, and other package related tasks if need be.



Me and @tcarrondo (and our eternal honor co-host @dnegreira), have been doing Podcast Ubuntu Portugal for almost 4 years (we are on our way to start the 5th year). Besides being a podcast we also have a page on youtube, where we share audio from our shows, and we live stream recordings for patrons, and from time to time, I do more ephemeral content our twitch page. Almost 100% of this content is in Portuguese.

Besides of what I do, I would also like to point to some stuff the Ubuntu community does, collectively:


One more bit about the Podcast Ubuntu Portugal, each episode debuts weekly on Rádio Zero, the online radio station for the Associação de Estudantes do Instituto Superior Técnico - AEIST (Students Association of the Technical Superior Institute), the most prestigious Engineering University in Portugal. And we’re very proud to be part of this community radio project.


Hey…I like to make UI concepts for new versions of Ubuntu (because i have nothing else to do) but also because I really do think it would look better with some improvements…here is something that I made and I posted it on Reddit


Thanks so much for posting this here in Discourse, and I hope you also share any future creations here too. :slight_smile:

My name is Mauro, I write linux related articles and tutorials for Front Page Linux, mostly about Ubuntu Studio and Ubuntu Budgie. Links to my articles below here:

Some resemblance of starting a small channel on linux gaming here. I don’t have much time to properly handle content production so for now I am mostly uploading videos from game sessions recorded on my Ubuntu Budgie.

As I add more channels and outlets for content, I will update this post. Thanks.


Quick follow up here,
As I recently joined Ubuntu Budgie team as Community Manager, I started writing on Ubuntu Budgie blog. Feel free to have a look at my first post and stay tuned for more Ubuntu Budgie write ups :slight_smile:

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It’s amazing creations and thanks for sharing on that page. Regards: @noah