Architecture and the way of communication of the three main components of the MicroStack?

I’m looking for a blog post or document that explains the architecture of MicroStack and how the three components of OpenStack, MicroK8s, and MicroCeph work together, I mean something as detailed as this post. Has the MicroStack been described in detail somewhere?
I actually want to dive a little deeper into this tool, as we plan to use it in production. What sources can you introduce?

We have a general architecture overview in the microstack docs however its not as detailed/low level as the document you referenced - which is a great reference of the RPC and API calls involved in the launch of an instance under OpenStack and is identical to what happens in MicroStack.

This is a great bit of feedback and something we’ll ensure is worked into future documentation plans - thanks!


In addition to Microstack, several other methods of deploying OpenStack put controllers on Kubernetes, such as OpenStack-Helm, Atmosphere (by Vexxhost), Yaook (by StackIT), and also Mirantis and VMWare’s proprietary solutions. But none of them have come up with a good explanation of why and that makes it difficult for us when we want to present and defend the POC to managers because we are faced with these three questions:

  • Isn’t it adding a layer of complexity?
  • What advantage does Kuber add?
  • How does this combination work?

I believe what you are asking for are the technical motives. Does this document answer your questions?

I’ve read almost all of the documentation and it’s mostly given hints rather than depth.