Apps from Unity 8 in Ubuntu Desktop

Have developers any plans for implementing the Unity 8 apps into modern Ubuntu (like music app which is absolutely gorgeous)? In this way Ubuntu may become a true unique distro.


This seems like a great way to keep the work that was done for Unity 8 rather than throw it out the window.


I think every Ubuntu user would like that. There are some really amazing apps like Dekko, Music, Browser, Terminal…


Second this. Few other music players looks like they are designed for this century. The music player planned for Unity 8 looked really good, it would be a shame not to revive it!


UBports took on the development of the Ubuntu Core Apps for Ubuntu Touch but they need more contributors to work on them. Here is the info link:

Now, I don’t think they package it as a snap yet, so I think the first thing is to switch Ubuntu Touch to snaps and then package all the clicks to snaps and then it should theoretically work on the regular Ubuntu and just about any other disto.


Looks like there’s some developer versions of Dekko available as a snap already:

This is my dream maybe cant I would like see ubuntu music
Yes dekko 2 in desktop I like and ubuntu file

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If they were available in Ubuntu software that would be great but they should be optional to have them pre-installed

I hope what new flavor unity desktop take this idea maybe cant see this