App-centric Ubuntu

Ubuntu Core is an application-centric operating system. Whereas standard Linux distributions are archive-centric, developers can deploy any app on embedded devices running Ubuntu Core, making them software-defined.

With Ubuntu Core, the intelligence of a Linux board is now a function of the software it runs, as its primary function is an app, and developers can extend its functionality and ship other apps next to it. The flexibility provided by the snap ecosystem enables device manufacturers to plan for shifting needs, extending the lifetime and reducing the total cost of ownership of their software-defined embedded systems.

Ubuntu Core cleanly decouples the base system from the installed applications, allowing vendors to update their applications independently of the underlying OS.

From being bound to the hardware, Ubuntu Core enables the transition to be hardware-agnostic, with multiple functionalities in separate sandboxed environments.

In one of our recent blog posts, we go through how Ubuntu Core facilitates app-centric software development. Read it here and tell us what you think!

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