Any plans on improving Ubuntu support for Radeon 6600XT and other new Radeon GPUs?

Any plans on working with AMD to improve support for the latest Radeon GPUs? I see so many articles that talk about doing some workarounds on Ubuntu to make them work.

It’s codename is Dimgrey Cavefish right?

So it should be supported on an up to date Ubuntu 20.04 and 21.04 (and 21.10 when it’s released of course…):

Might not be any installer media with the updates yet though, but you should drop into VGA at least?

How often are the ISO files get updated? lists the point releases

Shouldn’t the ISOs be updated more often, especially with something as major as this? I expected a gap, but not that big of a gap.

the isos are following the kernel/mesa/HWE release schedule … HWE is the backport of an official kernel/graphics-drivers/mesa from the latest non LTS release to an LTS …

so to have the HWE stack you need to have a new non-LTS ubuntu release first.