Any plans on building custom Ubuntu Server 18.04 image for Raspberry Pi 4?

Or does the image for Pi 3B & 3B+ work fine?

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I’m also interested in running Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu Core on Raspberry Pi 4 4GB version. Official support would be nice.

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I feel exactly the same way

Unfortunately the 3/3+ image doesn’t work (too many hardware changes for that to be the case). However, a 4B compatible image is being worked upon; my hope is we can have something ready for eoan and then back-port the necessary bits to bionic (and disco).


Do you have a link for where I can follow along on the Raspberry Pi 4B 64bit Ubuntu progress? Especially their work on addressing all 4GB of RAM on the 4GB Pi variant.

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Found this guide. Gonna give it a go later.

Wish me luck!

Edit: Gonna try this one. the other one I was using won’t recognize my Logitech keyboard

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Out of curiosity, would installing eoan work?

I maintain an Ubuntu Core image for the pi4 since a while (and due to development work on ubuntu-image to eventually make building of classic images easy for everyone I’m also working on a classic image atm). If you mainly want to use the pi for building or development, using this image and the lxd snap (to get full apt/dpkg support) on top of it works very well.

(Note that my images are by no means supported or anything, their purpose is solely to serve as interim developer solution until official images exist)

Hello. I see that for the Raspberry Pi 4, only Ubuntu 19.10 is available, but not 18.04.

Is there a particular reason for this? It would make more sense to support LTS versions of the OS, than the latest on such architectures.

In the future, which versions are going to be supported? Every release from now on will be available for the Pi 4?

Will an 18.04 build be out shortly as well?

If not, I would kindly request Canonical to make a Ubuntu 18.04 build available, if it’s possible.

If it’s not going to be added, should I wait for 20.04? (I don’t want, it’s one more year!)

I want to base my projects on a stable foundation, that is why I want 18.04. Every software supports 18.04 right now, and 19.04 is sometimes not even an option.


The Raspberry Pi 4 was released after 18.04. Therefore, it makes sense that support is first added to our newest release and then added back to a previous release. I will let others comment on timeline or what is left for 18.04 support.

Focal Fossa is 6 months away, not more than a year. See the release schedule for the actual dates.

  1. Thanks for the reply. Please let me know if you got any information about 18.04 from your colleagues, or if there is any progress being made.

  2. I have discovered that there is actually a download of Bionic at and it states that the Hard-Float or 64-bit ARM is compatible with the Raspberry Pi 4. However, this is not true. Upon flashing it to a card, and plugging it in to a Raspberry Pi 4, it does not boot up. (It does boot up with the 19.04.)

  3. On the 19.04 image, after Ubuntu has booted up and is asking for my login credentials, I don’t seem to be able to type in anything. In fact, the keyboard isn’t even being recognized by the Pi. (Confirmed working on Raspbian.)

I believe that is this bug:

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