Any negative thoughts about raising vm.max_map_count

Is there any particular issues with raising the vm.max_map_count value for 24.04 as mentioned for example here

I am mentioning this only because of many games getting fixed or stable when this is done. But I also want to understand if there is anything bad or not taken into account (outside of the gaming world). Variables like amount of ram on pc, memory type, stability for the typical pc system (not server related but workstation, at home kind of cases).

Or other ideas like when installing Ubuntu an option That is for gaming that would set this. Anyway, are there any issues that make it not a good idea to raise this by default vs raising it for better stability for games on steam and probably other cases as well. I know 65k is the default on Ubuntu but many games basically work better once this is raise to a much higher number. The game the finals mentioned at is one of those cases. Basically it became super stable after said change.


I’ve been using a value of vm.max_map_count=2147483642 for more than a month and I haven’t experienced any issues in my daily use and, the best of all, is that games loads faster and I also get more FPS.

For an example:

  • Game: Alone in the Dark 2024 (Max Settings and in a part that demands a lot of resources, the rest of the game runs so much better)
  • vm.max_map_count=1048576 (Default value in 24.04)

    • FPS: 28
    • Frametime: 36 ms
    • RAM: 5.9 GB
    • GPU: 37%
    • CPU: 18%
  • vm.max_map_count=2147483642 (Default value in SteamOS)

    • FPS: 44
    • Frametime: 22.8 ms
    • RAM: 6.1 GB
    • GPU: 61%
    • CPU: 22%

I’ll try a higher value to see if it gets better