Any chance to bring global menu back in future release of gnome?

The ubuntu annoys the users by showing two taskbars for an application:one at the menubar and one at the ubuntu dock. Why there is two taskbars for one app? We are able to make same actions using any one of them. We can remove the one at the menubar by an extension but it’ll be better if they removed by default.


Gnome takes each and every basic and advanced features in new releases. Including the global appmenu.Cruely, they stopped supporting the extension in gnome 3.32. This is my humble request to get it back and add its good features to the upcoming ubuntu versions.



Gnome has many things that feel strange to people who are new to it. To be honest, a lot of people call it classic Gnome experience.

Have you considered trying another DE ? I am sure you are aware that most of them are much close to what you seek than Gnome :slight_smile: