Announcing the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Free Culture Showcase winners


In just under 3 weeks, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS launches. This exciting new release is a new Long Term Support release and will introduce many Ubuntu users to GNOME Shell and a closer upstream experience. In addition, Ubuntu developers have been working long and hard to ensure that 18.04 is a big, brilliant release that builds a bridge from 16.04 LTS to a better, bigger platform that can be built upon, without becoming unnecessarily boisterous.

As with each Ubuntu release, 18.04 showcases community artwork with bravado. Thanks to the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase, we have 12 new wallpapers that will ship with the release:

And since this is an LTS, we’re refreshing the example content on the install media. Not only can you test your graphics and audio hardware for compatibility, but with entertaining media as well:

A big congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who submitted a wallpaper, video entry ,or song. You’ll find this media on your Ubuntu desktop after you upgrade or install Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on April 26th!


Cool! My wallpaper won too!