Announcing the Multipass 1.7 release

Multipass version 1.7.0

A new Multipass release!

There’s a number of significant additions in this one:

  1. multipass launch <workflow>, where workflows are defined in canonical/multipass-workflows
    On top of the official Ubuntu images we now offer the ability to launch complex workloads defined via simple YAML in the above repository. We want project communities to contribute and maintain the workflows they care about. Come along! #2040
  2. multipass launch --network <physical device> will now create the necessary virtual networks (for LXD for and Hyper-V). #2078
  3. multipass launch --bridged is a shortcut for launching an instance bridged to an interface configured via multipass set local.bridged-interface. #2074
  4. launch, start, restart and shell now take a --timeout <seconds> option. #2046
  5. A huge shout-out to @surahman who’s been contributing a number of fixes (#2125, #2124, #2105, #2099) and didn’t stop there :slight_smile:

Windows and macOS installers are available here, and the Snap in the stable snap channel:

snap refresh multipass --channel stable
# or
snap install multipass

More highlights

  • [gha] add basic integration tests on bors runs #2033
  • [LXD] Support HTTP & file based launches #1931

Notable bugfixes

  • [snap] need to reach out of $SNAP for host properties #1781
  • Network is unreachable when booting new instance #1866
  • [lxd] wrong release listed #2072
  • Lost multipass instances on macOS #1658
  • SSL corruption when using -vvv #1570
  • [lxd] Some LXD reply data is cut off #1938
  • [macos] mounts hitting maxfiles limit on Catalina #1933
  • [snap] Use core20 base for building and running #1906

You can find the full list of changes since v1.6.2 in our v1.7.0 milestone and even more detailed in the full commit log.


Please file issues here for problems and feature requests, or come to our discourse to chat. We’re also on #multipass on Libera Chat. See you there :slight_smile: