Announcing the Multipass 1.6.1 release

Multipass version 1.6.1

Hello everyone! A new Multipass release!

The biggest news here is the addition of the --network launch option, which allows you to connect instances to a network of your choice. Supported on the LXD, Hyper-V and VirtualBox backends.

NB: We burned the 1.6.0 version number, having found a bug late in the release process.

Windows and macOS installers are available here and the Snap in the stable snap channel:

snap refresh multipass --channel stable
# or
snap install multipass


  • Support for bridged networking (#118, #1886, #1912, #1921)
  • Improved LXD support (#1752, #1762, #1834, #1835)
  • Add check for available disk space on launch (#1854) - thanks @katie-knister!
  • Add suggested command when ‘exec’ gets an unrecognized option (#1863) - thanks @dlbeck!
  • Use colurful terminal in multipass shell on Windows (#1687)
  • Fixed YAML colon handling being incompatible with cloud-init’s pyyaml (#1097)

You can find the full list of changes since v1.5.0 in our v1.6.0 milestone and even more detailed in the full commit log.


Please file issues here for problems and feature requests, or come to our discourse to chat. We’re also on #multipass on Freenode. See you there :slight_smile:

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