Announcing the Multipass 1.11.0 release

Multipass version 1.11.0

A new Multipass release!

There are some significant additions to this release:

  1. Native mounts that are more performant are now supported on some platforms/drivers. This is still considered experimental. The following describes which platform and driver combinations support this:
  • The qemu driver on both Linux and macOS (both Intel and M1/M2)
  • The hyperv driver on Windows
    Note: On Windows, due to having to use SMB, your user’s password is required every time a mount is necessary, including when starting an instance that already has a native mount defined. We are working on a way to make this better.
    How to define a native mount
    When issuing the multipass mount command, pass the --type native option to the command line and Multipass will use the native mount if you are using a supported platform and driver combination. For example:
    $ multipass mount --type native ~/Downloads foo:Downloads
  1. multipass transfer now allows transferring directories recursively using the -r/--recursiveoption and allows making any missing parent directories in the instance using the -p/--parents option.

  2. Instances now boot using UEFI allowing Multipass to support launching Ubuntu Core 20 and Core 22.

  3. Blueprints now allow command aliases to be defined along with the ability to create a workspace for host/instance integration.

Installers for Windows and macOS are now available, and the Snap is available in the stable snap channel:

snap refresh multipass --stable


snap install multipass --stable

Note: Starting with this version, Multipass only supports macOS 10.15 and higher.

Notable bug fixes:

  • [qemu] daemon starting instance twice if triggered on startup (#2520)
  • sshfs_server not cleanly shut down when stopping an instance (#1132)
  • sshfs_server gets in tight loop if host mount directory is missing on instance start (#1677)
  • [gui] not reacting to primary instance being purged (#1241)
  • Broken process substitution for multipass launch command (#1589)
  • [lxd] Multipass not reacting correctly with internally shut down instances (#2672)
  • [mounts] Repeated id/gid mappings (#2665)
  • make multipass list --format csv|json|yaml output consistent (#2464)
  • List cpu count in multipass info (#1804)
  • multipass launch should allow --memory as a synonym of --mem (#2490)

You can find the full list of changes since 1.10.1 in our v1.11.0 milestone and even more detailed in the full commit log.


Please file issues here for problems and feature requests, or come to our discourse to chat. We’re also on #multipass on Libera Chat. See you there :slight_smile: