Announcing the Multipass 0.6.0 beta release

Hi All!

We are proud to announce the latest beta release version 0.6.0 of Multipass!

Getting it

The Snap version is now in the beta channel.
The Windows version is found here and the Mac version is found here.


  • multipass shell <instance> will now start the instance if not running (#631)
  • --cloud-init - option to launch will read the config from standard input (#628)
  • multipass launch is much faster due to removing the wait on cloud-init to complete (#619)
  • we’ll now stick to the Semantic Versioning standard proper (#692)
  • we added update notifications on the CLI (#688)
  • HTTPS image downloads now work in the snap and Windows (#702)


We had to disable some concurrency in the daemon to avoid crashes (#585) so some operations will take longer now. The good news is that we’re already working on a proper solution for that (#682), which will be part of our next release.

Significant bugfixes

#569: Transient “Downloaded image hash does not match” error
#689: Mount fails periodically with transport endpoint is not connected
#652: Multipass loses snapcraft project mount when unpacked squashfs is within
#555: failure to contact image providers causes multipassd to abort startup
#585: multipassd SIGSEGV on clean while launching
#386: Network timeout too aggressive
#626: Restart multipassd on proxy changes
#588, #616, #677: Fix how we handle memory requests between the client and backends

You can find the full list of changes in our v0.6.0 project and even more detailed in the full commit log.


Please file issues here for problems and feature requests, or come to our discourse to chat. We’re also on #multipass on Freenode. See you there :slight_smile:

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