Announcement: Ubuntu Accomplishments

After weeks to months of coding, I’ve finally published Ubuntu Accomplishments to the Snap Store! A resurrection of the project initiated by Jono Bacon and Stuart Langridge the original project relied upon the Ubuntu One file sync service that was shut down around 2013. Since then, the Ubuntu Accomplishments project has been dead in the water.

To release an updated version, I have written a new server-side component in Dart to take the job of validating the community trophies so we can work entirely without the sync service. The trophy viewer application has also been completely rewritten using Flutter and Dart. There is still some functionality from the original viewer that needs to be implemented in the new viewer, but the basic functionality is all there now.

For the record, the request for permissions required for some of the trophies is at Usage and automatic connections request for Ubuntu-Accomplishments - store-requests -


This is great. I think this should a preinstalled package in every official flavour.

This is absolutely fantastic! What could we do to help update outdated accomplishments and/or create new ones, especially for the community accomplishments?