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I have been a mailing list [1] moderator for Ubuntu since October 2011 [2].

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I answered a call made by the Ubuntu Community Council [3] to volunteer as list moderator.

Since my appointment as a list moderator for this high volume mailing list [1], I have been involved in keeping the mailing list’s conversations within the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and ensuring all the list conversations stay on topic as far as possible. As this is a user support list, this means I have to encourage support, and actively discourage off-topic chatter on the list.

One of the things I would like to share is moderators (at least for this list) frequently received direct emails from list members asking for certain messages (and certain members) to be restricted or even kicked off the list. Such conflicts are common and I would say my main contribution to Ubuntu is resolving these contentious issues for over a decade now.

I plan to continue as the mailing list moderator.



Hello choonlin

Great that you take this step for applying for Ubuntu Membership. 10+ years service deserves recognition.

Please attend to accrediting your application by testimonies from your peers.
When you are ready then advise the board of your desired meeting time on our IRC channel by completing the meeting time page:




Progress is being made.

I can not over stress how important supporting testaments are. We have little other means to determine the degree of “contributions” ; as it is “sustained contributions” that promote Ubuntu, we do need to know this impact.


I suppose that doing mostly mailing list moderation is not a very visible activity, so my personal opinion that the necessity of having supporting testaments should be a bit relaxed, however ideally there should have been other contributions.

@choonlin maybe you have also been active on those mailing lists, helping users with tech support, or guiding them to a more successful usage of Ubuntu, or usage on Ubuntu? Can you maybe provide examples?
Maybe your co-moderators, or some of the mailing list members who you have assisted while moderating, can do some testimonials?
Are you involved with some of the Local Communities?

I would also like to add that this much time as an active mailing list moderator is in my opinion a real commitment to Ubuntu and this community, and should definitively be seen as worthy as any other form of contribution.

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Hello! I was (at that time) the Canonical employee who contacted the moderation team and received a very thoughtful reply from Angel regarding the recently revived community team’s ideas on its future. I was impressed by his initiative not only in replying, but in offering genuine, useful feedback that the community team took to heart. Moderators like Angel are doing important and sadly often invisible work for our community, and its work like there’s that keeps our community a place where people want to be. I wholeheartedly support his bid for Ubuntu membership.


Good evening,

I am an existing Ubuntu Member and also an active moderator of the Ubuntu Users mailing list.

I can confirm that Choonlin has been a moderator of the list, we both responded to the call when Alan Pope stood down from moderation and have been moderating the list for some time since.

Due to the nature it’s difficult to confirm the level of activity (we don’t talk, there are 3-4 of us) but I’m sure if there are any issues the Canonical Mailman team could review logins/etc.

If there is anything else I can contribute to support the application please let me know.

-Jared (

About an hour to go. Click the link to see.

Be sure to put your name on the 22:00 slot with required info.

Did you look at the top of the page, Login.
Then edit the Wiki page.

Hey choonlin

Regrets to the max that we missed this opportunity.
In our defense: “Add your wiki page with at least 24 hrs ahead of the meeting to the Board best suited for your time.” >> A week’s notice is preferable :smiley:

Now I did check the WIKI yesterday and did not see any entrant. The board does require some notification time in order to get our affairs in order to conduct the meeting.

With this in mind - please choose another date for your membership consideration. Later this evening I will reset the WIKI’s next scheduled meeting times and remove your entry.

Alternately, due to the scheduling mishaps, you may resort to our mailing list to effect a vote on the application. However, I too only check these things on a daily basis.


choonlin; Great -

Then will attend to this via the Mailing list. I will amend my schedule accordingly.


It is my pleasure, on behalf of the Membership Board, to welcome choonlin to the fold. The board voted unanimously in favor.

@ choonlin – “I am very excited about getting started at being a Ubuntu member.” << It’s that orange glow one gets upon being an Ubuntu Member :smiley:

Keep on keep’n on




I’m very happy about this outcome!
My personal congratulations from me too @choonlin!