Anbox cloud adb exposed public port connection from more host


I have an anbox cloud instance with an emulator that expose adb port on the public address( amc launch APPLICATIONNAME -s +adb --enable-graphics), but I can connect to adb service only from 1 host at time.

When I try to connect from the second host to the same adb port I received the error “failed to connect to XXXXX:10001”

Why can’t I connect from multiple host(client) at the same adb exposed port?

Thanks a lot,


We don’t yet support multiplexing multiple clients to ADB in Anbox Cloud.

If this is a feature you would like us to support in the future, could you create a feature request on Bugs : Anbox Cloud?

In the meantime, you could create your own multiplexer which would act as a proxy between your public port and the ADB port.