An apology and some feedback

First of all I would like to apologise for my post What's your favorite official flavor? - #36 by paulw2u - Flavors - Ubuntu Community Hub which seems to have started something that I had not intended. I had a point that I wanted to make but may be it was at the wrong time and in the wrong place. Although I subsequently replied there is a further post to which I won’t respond as I feel it has already been answered by other members of this community.

@wxl, I greatly value your input into that thread which started out as fun. The results were surprising in more ways than one. :smile:

I agree with what @flocculant said:

Not really sure why people feel the need to get confrontational in a light hearted topic - then again I guess having been around the community for many years - nothing really changes.

This site is a great resource if used in the way that is was intended to be used as the threads which link the activities of Canonical employees and community members clearly indicate. It should be a place to come for both new and existing users to come for ideas on how they can participate in the future of Ubuntu. I directed someone here yesterday. They shouldn’t witness petty arguments when viewing the latest threads.

I can only apologise to all those that read that thread and for the way that it continued after my initial post.

So it’s back to the forums for me where I feel a little more at home.

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As long as the argument is ultimately respectful of the people (can be very disrespectful of the issues I suppose!) and it’s about the issues then it’s fine… Gizmo’s comment was about the topic in question, I guess it could’ve been splitted into a new topic on ‘is Ubuntu GNOME an ‘active flavour’’ and ‘is Ubuntu a ‘flavour’’ I think the moderators could steer discussion more tightly as is the case on and split topics more etc but other than that…

FAQ - Ubuntu Community Hub says

You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But remember to criticize ideas, not people. Please avoid:

Ad hominem attacks
Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content
Knee-jerk contradiction

Instead, provide reasoned counter-arguments that improve the conversation.

As long as people are doing this, all is well. There’s been some really heavy criticism hosted on the snapcraft forum and much productive stuff has come of it because both users and developers have tried to stick to the above (there are exceptions, but generally speaking).

I mean, you can post on the forums too! I do feel this place feels a little bit more modern, I’ve never been much of an Ubuntu Forums user personally… Do stay and contribute to discussion though! :slight_smile:

I don’t think you have anything to apologize for. You asked a legitimate question and actually answered it yourself. The petty argument actually had nothing to do with you at all and you did nothing to move it forward.

If anything, I would need to apologize for that. I thought I was providing sufficient grounds for the resolution of said argument, but that only seemed to get us deeper. Sometimes, it’s better to say enough than to continue any further. I think had I used a similar methodology with the poll discussion, things would not have descended so low.

Anyways, @paulw2u I also appreciate your input and would hate to see you go. As my understanding goes, things have been much worse on the Forums. In the end, the means of communication don’t matter— people will eventually find the way to create conflict amongst themselves. This isn’t true of the majority of people or situations, but there’s no way to remove it. It’s on us as a community to ensure peace.

That’s why your post is so remarkable. That sort of humility and open dialogue is true anathema to conflict, because it is the ultimate glue to bind us together. That’s the stuff of a community leader. We could use more of you!