Ambiance/Radiance: path-bar redesign for nautilus > 3.30

Nautilus 3.30 has new path-bar. And hence it doesn’t look good with current design.

I have adapted the code with following ideas ( many thanks to @frederik-f to help me with some code )

  1. Normal text with :not(:checked) path-bar buttons

  1. Dimmer text for :not(:checked) path-bar buttons. There are some issues though, When you click popover few times, at some point button:checked doesn’t have bold font. Here note how “apt” got inactive even when nautilus is in focus. I can even reproduce this with Yaru.

  1. No grey highlight on hover, darker highlight for :hover:checked

I will upload several more later .

Bug link: Bug #1814933 “Ambiance/Radiance: path-bar is broken with nautilu...” : Bugs : ubuntu-themes package : Ubuntu


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Update: After posting this I just found out nautilus is somewhat going back to old (3.26) path-bar design. :frowning:


Update: After posting this I just found out nautilus is somewhat going back4 to old (3.26) path-bar design. :frowning:

Ahaha! :smile: Well, that is the downside of being “downstream” - but hey, it’s just css so :man_shrugging: :blush:
Well, good news that design works with 3.26 and 3.30+

Edit: “I’ve heard” that the new gnome stack should land on disco dailies soon, so we could test it
And on topic: I would vote for the 2) :slight_smile: But it’s very subjective ofc

Are we not going to move to Nemo in Unity?


I don’t see the need for underline in option 2, At least since you already have font highlight


I was wrong, it needed some fixing to make it work across 18.4/19.4

That’s scss though, I think css would need a lot more lines here

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Nautilus 3.31.90 was just uploaded to Ubuntu 19.04 a few days ago so you may want to check that your work still works with that version. GNOME is now in UI Freeze so Nautilus is not supposed to change again for the rest of the GNOME 3.32 release series.

yep that’s what I did in that PR - and the previous styling did not work anymore :S but it was fixable:

Thanks anyways for the reminder, it was a hell of a series of changes for sure in this circle @.@

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They removed the active state for right most button in 3.31? I mean it actually breaks the headerbar button:checked styles. To override we now have to use .nautilus-path-bar button:last-child ? In Ambiance we want to box-shadow to right most button same as any headerbar button in checked/active state.

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Yeah I needed that workaround for some reason. Maybe you are right - did not really verify it :frowning:

Oh, is this the problem we were talking about in IRC?

Yes, but for yaru it is not so problematic as yaru is flat. But in Ambiance we need gradient and hence the issue.

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I don’t see big differences in path-bar button last-child between 3.30

and 3.31

I observe that the “/” is missing and that font-weight is lighter, but the last-child is still checked

What am I missing?

Is this before or after the pull @frederik-f made ?

What does not work nautilus-path-bar button:active ( or :drop:(active)) which worked for 3.30. For 3.31 we need to use :last-child which is linked button styles but then it doesn’t even respect the generic linked button styles.

I see :frowning:

The picture above is from yesterday’s master, but last change on pathbar is from 8 days ago.

For ambiance it might be worth checking the upstream gtk-generated.css files of the gtk repository. Maybe you have the lines you need right there if you don’t want to use the Yaru flat style.