[already reported] Impish: web connection issues in apps

Hi all,

Using Impish, connected to my wifi (which does work).
I noticed some apps do not succeed to connect to internet:

  • gnome software (deb) when searching updates
  • shortwave snap when searching radio stations
  • and now Thunderbird (deb) when trying to dl language pack

(That’s quite funny I do have a bug with TB deb, coming from a TB snap that does work very well. Partially betraying the snap cause is not without caveats. :slight_smile: )

Is that known? I have the feeling that there is a root cause to these bugs, I did never have such issues before 21.10.

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gnome software message:

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You describe the issue being present in software using different libraries and component, are you sure you don’t actually have an issue with your internet access at the moment?

Sure! :wink:
Shortwave is functional again, but not gnome software. I have solved in another way the TB issue.
So, the clear issue that always appears is gnome software’s one. I did notice this one too when I was using snap store. It was present in 3.38 version and now in 40.

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That’s bug #1936893.