All Unity API doc was removed from

I raised the issue many times in ubuntu-devel and ubuntu-desktop mailing list. But I am unable to get a response from core team.

Issue (copied from list)

After new design of the website I can not access any of the api doc for
indicators and messaging menu. For example,

now gives 404. :confused:

Note, here “13.10” is just an number in link, nothing else. There is
14.04 and 16.04 but all used to redirect to 13.10, because api got
changed during quantal cycle and since then api doesn’t change.

Same thing happens for unity-scopes api-doc as well.

Askubuntu ref:

If Canonical still have those api doc (some are auto generated), it is still possible to migrate those into read-the-docs. Since we are trying to keep unity-development going, it is important for us.

Does anyone has any information regarding this?

Thank You.

I’ve put a request in with the web team to see if we can find where these pages have gone and make them live again. I will let you know as soon as I hear back.

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@khurshid-alam sorry for the inconvenience. They were dropped because of technical complications on the server they were hosted on, but If there is enough interest, we can look into hosting them again. Note that these docs are also available locally in the relevant *-doc deb packages, such as libunity-api-doc.

For the time being, I’ve created a GitHub repo with the content you are looking for.

Our next step is setting up redirects on the developer portal to point to this repo.

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Thanks . But please consider hosting them here first. Indicators are still being used by Ubuntu. Mate, Elementary, Solus, Gnome uses other components. For developers, it is important that Ubuntu provides a easy access to read the api doc. I know about *-doc packages but a online presence is must for this age and era.

If it is still too much of a problem I would recommend moving the doc to Read-the-doc or similar wiki websites.

Thank You.