Alec McGee | Membership Application

I have contributed to the Ubuntu community my spreading awareness of Ubuntu to my peers. I have been working on developing my own OS based off of Ubuntu.

• I may not have many contributions to the community itself, but I have been able to help troubleshoot some errors of some of the community’s installation. I have been able to learn a lot about Ubuntu, and I am still learning a lot. I have developed with Ubuntu as my main ISO for years now, and will continue to use it.

Rosie Val in Launchpad is my launchpad address

I continue to use Ubuntu daily to develop and host many softwares and programs. I have been very dependent on it for many things and it feels weird without it to be honest. I plan on using Ubuntu to develop my own software and then make it public for people to use as a means to connect other services to one another.


Hello lilrosierae

Commendable that you seek to make this step. Be aware membership is not free gratis, but a award.
Please review: Membership/NewMember - Ubuntu Wiki
Note that the board looks at documened long term -sustained- contributions with supporting testimomials; and on your launchpad page that you have signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct (you have read, and agree to abide by these terms).

When these conditions are met then is the time to notify the board of the time you desire to make your application: Membership/Boards - Ubuntu Wiki.

I’ll not wish you luck in this as it is Prior Prudent Planning that makes this happen.

-The longest journey starts