Alarm and clock app in the core

It would be great to have Ubuntu behave like other devices at my home. Most of them help me remind things, a lot of important household things. Without a core alarm/reminder app, that experience is not available on Ubuntu, for now.

Notifications on the lock screen, reminders that will reach you no matter what you are doing at that time, full screen or not. Those little things are going to help on a few things that matter most for the people. Hopefully, 18.04 can do it for us :wink:


Well, if one sets up an account with GOA, then of course say with Google Calendar one gets that as it syncs with the system calendar provided by Gnome-Shell. Works with a variety of online cloud services.

There was a time when people used computers. Nowadays, there are only devices which help users, not the other way around. A lot has changed from the days during which we used to go to a machine.

The experience is very different on devices with their own clock, calendar, reminders and alarm.

What is GOA ?

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

‘Gnome-Online-Accounts’ via the control panel. I see it’s named ‘Online-Accounts’ not sure when the moniker changed.

GNOME apps tend to not advertise themselves as GNOME. It’s just assumed that you’re running on a GNOME system. For instance, the file browser is simply named Files. (For clarity, I’ll usually add “GNOME” when I’m talking about an app, like the GNOME Photos app.)

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Correct me if I am wrong, doesn’t the Gnome Clock app have this feature?