Afrikaans Language needs to be Included as Desktop install language

Afrikaans language needs to be included as an install language
on Ubuntu desktop. So far it is 25% completed.
I respectfully request Afrikaans language be one to the options
to install as a language pack. You can look through the templates.
Afrikaans Templates
So far I have asked Launchpad Translations @:
Sent a message to the Admin. of the Desktop Team.
Desktop Team
I request that Afrikaans Language be considered as an install language
option for Ubuntu Desktop. @sabdfl

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The current selection of language packs on the installer was last considered at this bug report. While the conclusion from that bug discussion is not carved in stone, reconsidering it should better be based on some kind of general principle on which languages to include. If we would add more languages, there may be quite a few candidates besides Afrikaans to consider.

@didrocks: You were the driver at the time. Maybe you have some thoughts now?

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I don’t handle this nowdays anymore, but I think the desktop team (@seb128) should still consider the same criterias that we used to determine the list of languages we ship by default on the ISO.

This is basically, based on the number of person talking a particular languages and being complete enough so that the whole UI from installed application is translated by default.


Thank You.
Currently the Afrikaans language may be installed after installing
Ubuntu then changing the Keyboard to reflect the Afrikaans language.