Adwaita Icons

I changed the colour of folders.svg of Adwaita icons partially into Ubuntu Orange.

I am not able to attach the SVG though.


Would be nice, if you’d post your icons in Gnome look.
Make it any colour, other than orange. :wink:


Just wanted people to know that it is as good as Suru folder icons when we change the colour. And to share with people if they wish to use. I can delete the thread or request for deletion if it is out of order.

No. They looks good, but hardly can be in Ubuntu.
But you can publish icons to GNOME Look.


Looks better than a copy of iOS icons…

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The Adwaita folder icons look more practical than Suru folder icons. No practical folder in any office/home have curved corners. A folder with curved corners cannot be opened correctly. The documents you put in a folder are rectangles with 90 degree corners. (Stationary store) The documents/papers are kept vertically in a folder. So, any folder icon with 90 degree bottom corners would look practical. So, Ubuntu Mono icons (Humanity) folder icons are more practical than Suru folder icons.


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