Advantages of using multipass instead of Docker Desktop on MacOS


Are there any advantages in using multipass instead of Docker Desktop on MacOS?

I’m currently using:
MacOS Catalina: 10.15.5
Docker Desktop:



Hi @jeffsmith2020,

Multipass will spin up official Ubuntu cloud images, and multiple of them if you like.

If you want to deal with Docker containers, then Docker is likely the right thing to use, although you could just as well use it inside a Multipass instance.

But if you want just a generic Ubuntu, as close as it can be to a standard experience (or a cloud one, with --cloud-init), Multipass will be a better choice.

Thanks @saviq. Are there any performance differences in using Docker for MacOS vs Multipass? Does Multipass use more CPU and memory?

It depends solely on your usage. You can choose how many CPUs will be configured (but not exclusively) for the instance with --cpu, and memory (that one’s reserved) with --mem, when launching an instance.

See our launch docs for more.