Additional Fingerprint Reader Support


I’m using a Dell XPS 7590 with a fingerprint reader but I am unable to enroll. There have been several community projects attempting to bring fingerprint reader support from this computer to Ubuntu, but they have failed in some capacity. Is it possible for Canonical to take a look into possibly adding extra support drivers for devices like these?


Their may be a possibility that Canonical could in the future,
improve the libgroove package.
This is not a support site.
This is a support site:

This wasn’t a support question, but a mere suggestion for the Canonical team to improve the experience for fingerprint reader users.

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Maybe someone could make a snap package for
fingerprint reader.
My bad this is not a support site.
Slap my hands… No …No

@madhens tell him No…No…

We rely on upstream fprintd project, that we also help in development efforts. However the main issue is normally the lack of producers specs.

Devices and reders with no support are listed at

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