Adding onto LXD Go API documentation

Greetings folks! Quick question for the LXD team -

Are yinz open to contributions to the LXD Go API page on

Reason I’m asking is that I’ve doing some hacking and wacking around lxd/client and want to share some examples doing various things like pushing/pulling files into containers, retrieving recorded log files, etc. Also certain parts are slightly out of date like launching CentOS 7 containers; those containers typically don’t work on newer *buntu’s because they need cgroupv1 instead of cgroupv2 :sweat_smile:

Let me know!


I’m not a Go dev but that’s the old/pre-fork path. Nowadays you likely want

Sounds good, please send PRs our way :wink:

Right, cgroupv1 are going to be increasingly hard to use now that systemd has obsoleted them. Fortunately CentOS 7 has less than a week of life support left :wink:

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Ah yeah I meant this one :sweat_smile:

Sounds good, I’ll put together some examples once I get the chance!