Adding blogs to Planet Ubuntu

As an Ubuntu Member, one of the “perks” is having your blog syndicated on Planet Ubuntu. I went looking for instructions on adding my RSS feed, and found instructions that involve installing bzr and manually editing config files. While I think it’s lovely that we trust all Ubuntu members to correctly edit and commit config files, it seems to me like this shouldn’t be the only way to get your blog added. Also, while I am old enough to know what “Hackergotchi” means, I wouldn’t expect a lot of new members to and Wikipedia has certainly forgotten.

I’d like to propose that we modernise the process for adding your blog to Planet Ubuntu and make it less technically demanding. Blogging doesn’t necessitate familiarity with version control systems, so I don’t think this process should either. If there could be a web form for users to enter their RSS feed and upload an avatar which can make the necessary config changes behind the scenes, I think that would be a massive improvement.

Alternatively, Launchpad already supports adding a “mugshot” and contains fields for various pieces of contact info. Perhaps a field could be added there for blog RSS feed, and Planet Ubuntu could pick up feeds of Ubuntu Members from there.

Does any of this sound feasible, or does anyone have a better idea? Web apps are very much in my wheelhouse so I’d be happy to pitch in some development effort if it helps.


Moving the repo to GitHub and having a process for pull requests approved by $SOME_TEAM would solve half the issue. GitHub is familiar enough with a straightforward web UI in which a template for issues and pull requests can be added.


A first step would be running through the bzr to git conversion process shown in Launchpad’s documentation. That would avoid dropping history on the floor with start a git repo somewhat from scratch.

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