Add a snapshot tool on Ubuntu, doable?

Trying Linux Mint, I realized that by default they install Timeshift, when I click on the updates tool, I am suggested to take a snapshot before updating with Timeshift (supports ext4 (rsync) and Btrfs) and is very useful when doing updates with regressions or even more useful when advancing version, in case of upgrade gone wrong you can easily restore.
I wonder, if anyone has ever thought of implementing a similar tool or the same Timeshift, is it feasible?
It would be really very useful to new users, on the internet, on the various Ubuntu support forums, I read many users of upgrades or progression of versions with problems and in many cases they have to reinstall, wasting time.
On my Ubuntu 19.04 system, I use Timeshift with Btrfs file system and in all Ubuntu or other derivative installations I make the same choice for snapshot convenience.