Activity Summary

In most Discourse forums I visit, under your own user settings, in Email, there’s usually a section called “Activity Summary”. This allows me to receive emails once a week of what’s been happening in the forum. I don’t see this feature here.

Is that on purpose? Is there any way we can get that feature?


Untrue. Go to preferences (click your picture > preferences tab), under email click the last tick box that enables mailing list mode. Then chose whichever option suits you better :wink:

Untrue? No. Mailing list mode is a different option.

Here’s what a Discourse forum with “Activity Summary” enabled looks like:

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Looks like a great feature @FelicianoTech. I’m sure @popey will know if it can be added here :grinning:

That might be an option that could be activated in the discourse settings, not sure. Nevertheless, you can receive daily digests, that was my suggestion :smile:

We globally switched it off early on in the setup of the site because we had some complaints. I’m happy to turn it on, and announce on the forum how people can individually turn it off again.


That would be great.

Here’s a suggestion, you can turn that feature back on, and then there’s another setting called default email digest frequency which is by default set to weekly I believe. You can change that to never.

That allows you to turn the feature on and no one will get those emails unless they manually set a frequency like I will. I’m not sure if that takes effect right away or only for new users though.



I realize this is an old thread, but it looks to me there’s still no activity summary, which is a nice feature imo. Could you please enable it?