Accessing guest VM running on a remote host with spice?

Is it possible with LXD to access a guest running on a remote host by using spice (VDI style)?

I’ve done this with libvirtd (editing the xml file for the domain with a text editor, and/or using virt-manager). It’s easy enough. But I don’t know how to do this with LXD.

Or is there another better/easer way to do this with LXD?

Hi, if it is a VM running on a remote LXD you can add the LXD server as a remote using your local lxc client. See this link on how to add a remote

You can now access the graphical console as documented in

lxc console <remote_name>:<vm_name> --type vga

If you are already on the host/cluster that runs the VM just type this:

lxc console <vm_name> --type vga

It works like a charm. Thank you!