Accent Colours

Yaru’s design is pretty good however the orange colours are basically intolerable for me and probably a lot of other people. There was an issue on the Yaru GitHub page but there are technical limitations that might make the experience a bit low quality. From what I understand, changing shell theme is handled manually in Ubuntu (Changing to the dark or light theme that is) which can cause the apps to use dark theme and the shell to be stuck in light theme or vice versa. Now adding colour variants would increase the extent of the issue. However using the user themes gnome extension seems to completely alleviate the issue. Basically what I’m saying is to use the user themes gnome extension and add accent colours.

Given Windows and MacOS already have accent colours and many other people probably also don’t like the orange highlights, this would be a great addition.

Just for statistics. I love orange in Ubuntu! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Concerning Windows, if I’m not mistaken, they axed the option to select the highlight color.


You may but not everyone is the same. Orange is too energetic for me. Blue or a bright green (not the dark one of Manjaro or the dull one of Mint) is pretty good.

Yes, this is exactly what I mean. You may dislike orange but not everyone is the same. And this is why I started from “just for statistics”. Tastes differ, I do realize.
To me, blue is gloomy and too… usual. Too many OSes employ blue as an accent. Boring…
Besides much blue is a questionable matter from point of view of melatonin stuff (yes, I know about the Night Light mode).

Ubuntu does a great job in creating its own unique easily recognizable visual style. I do appreciate the efforts and I like it :slight_smile:

Worth noting that Ubuntu orange doesn’t look the same to everyone.

On a good calibrated monitor it can look deeply saturated like a bright red. And that’s not a bug in itself, but anyone using that colour should keep it in mind. Ideally use the best monitor you can find (or calibrate the screen you have) before designing it into a UI.

Note also that there are multiple tints to choose from.

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Blue should be eliminated from GUI.

Bright green is pretty great since it kinda falls in the middle of red and blue.

I am talking about Ubuntu’s Yaru theme for use on desktop :slight_smile:

You may like something, others may hate that :slight_smile:

Did say Bright Green alongside blue :yarn::globe_with_meridians:

Oh and I am pretty sure Windows still has it.

copying or mimicking a horrendous thing does not make that thing good to start with

We were discussing a different main accent color back in January in the design meeting, but came to the final decision that the orange is very important for the Ubuntu brand.
We were happy to reduce the permanently visible color palette from three (orange selected, blue progress, green switches/boxes) to two (orange selected, purple progress/check/switches). The dark Ubuntu blue, was also on the table as the primary accent color.
We also reduced the amount of visible orange all around the desktop a lot. We are based on the upstream themes and they happily paint everything in blue that seems somehow important to them, thus it was orange for us.

As discussed on the Yaru ticket we could add several versions of Yaru, like Yaru, Yaru-red, Yaru-pink and whatnot, but the shell theme is currently not changing with the gtk theme. This is only possible if you install the user themes extension. This is a limitation to the GNOME desktop, not Ubuntu specific. Elementary successfully moved around this, by having the whole desktop built with gtk. Not one part gtk and the other part gnome shell (C + javascript I think).
Other flavours simply included the user-themes extension as pre-installed. I am not sure, but I remember that this is somehow a security risk or something and this is the reason why ubuntu does not ship with the user-themes extension pre installed. (@vanvugt or @3v1n0 correct me if I am wrong).

So, TLDR: if Ubuntu would ship with the user-themes extension, we could create several Yaru color packs. As long as it’s not, we would leave the desktop inconsistent if we would implement a color theme toggle.