About the Ubuntu UK category

About the Ubuntu-UK LoCo

We believe that everyone has something to contribute to the Ubuntu community. Whether you are a passionate user, a developer, or a translator, you are invited to get involved in the Ubuntu-UK LoCo.

We aim to provide free community support to users of the various flavours of Ubuntu as well as advocating the use of Ubuntu to individuals and organisations alike.

Ubuntu-UK LoCo is in the rebuilding stage. This is part of the LoCo rejuvenation that is happening throughout the world.

Where We Need Help

The main area we need help in is getting the Ubuntu-UK LoCo website up and running. If you are Hugo savvy this would help immensely. Details for that task are here: Website reboot

Additional Team Resources

Discourse: Ubuntu UK - Ubuntu Community Hub

Matrix: https://matrix.to/#/#loco-uk:ubuntu.com

IRC: https://web.libera.chat/ #ubuntu-uk

Wiki: UKTeam - Ubuntu Wiki

WWW: http://www.ubuntu-uk.org (currently down)

Mailing list: ubuntu-uk Info Page (very quiet)

Mastodon: https://floss.social/@ubuntu_UK

X: https://www.twitter.com/ubuntu_uk

Team Leads