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Whether you just got your first Raspberry Pi or your thirtieth, this category is for you. Whether you’re running stock Ubuntu or a flavour or a remix on your lone Pi or your stash of Pis, this category is for you. Share those cool projects you found online. Share that cool project you created. Ask for advice on what project to do next. Encourage each other to finish your unfinished projects. You can do all these things and more - except for support requests. Those belong on IRC, the Ubuntu Forums or Ask Ubuntu

One great little project is to build a Pi-hole server. Some suppliers have bundled a Pi4 with a (branded Pi-Hole) case but it’s an easy thing to build even without that.
For someone new to Ubuntu, building it with an attached keyboard and monitor is very easy and serves as an ideal introduction to making a Pi do something very functional and useful from nothing more than a CLI - but building it headless isn’t that much harder and teaches the basics of how servers are usually managed.
Get Ubuntu Server installed then head over to the Pi Hole documentation for the install details.

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