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i noticed there is zero Australian community?

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A question involving re-verification of Ubuntu Local Community Teams. Ubuntu-us-az’s re-verification date is 11 December 2023. I understand that self re-verification is in effect according to Ubuntu Local Community Verification. However, where do we declare that we have extended our verification for another two years? And since there is still no LoCo Council and unlikely to be one before our re-verification date to whom would we tag the re-verification. We have prepared an application for re-verification, ArizonaTeam/Re-VerificationApplication2023 - Ubuntu Wiki effective 07 November. Just trying to get ahead of the game because we have had problems in the past staying verified.

Hello there! I would like to know if we have LoCo Brazil yet?

Where is the Australian community? You have plenty of Australian users so it’s disappointing not to see a local community. Do you need help running it - happy to volunteer!

Can you open a category for Turkish language support? There is a demand for this in local forums in Turkey.