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The easy-openvpn snap is designed to be deployed with as little configuration and setup as possible for spot deployment of secure yet disposable OpenVPN instances. It’s developed based on the docker-openvpn project.

This snap contains management scripts that simplify PKI and client management for fast, cheap and disposable VPNs.

  • A single command to set up the server, create/revoke clients.
  • A single command to connect to the server.
  • Easy to configure and manage.


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1 about-easy-openvpn About easy-openvpn
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1 install-easy-openvpn Install easy-openvpn
1 openvpn-server-setup OpenVPN server Setup
1 generate-client-ovpn-file OpenVPN client Setup
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1 reference/snap-configuration Snap Configuration
1 easy-openvpn/reference/commands Commands
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