About organizing UbuCon Asia 2022 - In-person + online hybrid format

Hello, Well earlier this year. I thought organizing in-person still might be difficult this year,
But as border, quarantine, social distancing policies are easing in many countries these days, Many events are turning back to in-person.

We already saw LAS turn backed to in-person, DebConf this year is also in-person, And Many events in Korea scheduled for later this year such as OpenInfra Days Korea, JSConf Korea are also hosting in-person this time.

So I think It’s also good time to start talking about organizing UbuCon Asia this year, this time in-person + online hybrid format.

Here’s some few overview of what I’m thinkig about. - It’s basically my idea, Can be changed with discussion.

  • Late November of this year
  • 4 Days schedule: Hackfest/Sprints (Day 1, Optional), Conference (Day 2~3), Day trip (Day 4)
  • 300~500 Attendees, 3~4 Tracks
  • Not sure about location yet (Maybe Korea?)

More detailed overview on plans available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UsxhK_x_52jpeC85104Yq0UUssJhXKZ_zOceOaXWyTk/edit#

I already started to building team since few days ago(@rs2009, @fenris and few more from last year’s team already in) , And I’m looking for few more organizers. If you would like to join, Let me know by reply, email(ybhan@ubuntu.com), private message or whatever. (It would be nice if you introduce yourself and tell me why you want to join, and what you can do) I can invite you to our telegram group for 2022 team. Like last year, There would be bi-weekly meeting.

So, Who would like to join? I’ll wait for your contact :slight_smile: