About Multi partitions or disk - security - firewall, virus


I have so many ideas about futur around computer and smartphone.

I like communications and virtuality with IA.

I suggest to have multi partitions or disk advanced capcity.

The first one, system, is without internet access. just some process have access.

The second one, with all others things that originals files (and modified), explorer, new programs, users profils, temp files, downloaded files, etc.

all that comes from internet, should contain in a very secure partition, with antivirus if needed access, or just to try files before to include in user partition and to run firefox.

so there is a partition for cache, a partition for virtual downloaded files (very secured) where the user can test the files.

one:system, no internet access without some process
two:cache and temp files
three secure downloaded files partition, firefox
four: users profils (can be on usb key) documents and programs.

i think about an other backup partition…

I can share with you so many ideas i’ve from years and years. i was talwing with windhgd but the take and only take. Without a single thank.

for futur, i see every where virtualization, IA and augmented reality.

I think the best should have original files , system (copy of original files and modifications) and all will run in cache disk.

the futur will add cloud in home… so the system could be the same every where and you will just to connect a key with user profil and internet id and all you need will be downloaded few second on every computers.

I 'm waiting with no patience about all this…i really want to participate this adventure but, i’m French, no money, and i’m not ingenior. Only so many ideas.

i don’t speak very well English but i learn slowly…some school remembers…it was so far away…

for futur

Best regards.


Consider http://ubuntuforums.org for general discussion.
Consider reading up at http://security.ubuntu.com for Ubuntu’s approach to security.

I’m sorry to say this, but your use case does not seem compelling enough for Ubuntu to throw away years of hardening to adopt scheme you propose. Ubuntu’s security design is a bit more layered and subtle.

Ubuntu is a very flexible system, you can easily repartition and rearrange your system to test the setup you envision on your own. Once you have done so, feel free to contact me with the results of what you have discovered, and I will happily consider unlocking this thread.