About Landscape beta

Landscape beta is suitable for previewing features before they are released into Landscape SaaS and self-hosted Landscape. Landscape beta is not intended for production environments, and Canonical does not provide a service-level agreement, or support, for the beta.

Please share feedback about your experiences with the beta in this Landscape beta Discourse.

Our versioning scheme, support matrix, and release cadence will be clarified here in the coming days.


Landscape beta can be installed in several ways:

  1. Quickstart
  2. Juju
  3. Manual Install (steps coming soon)
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Will it possible to migrate an installation from Quickstart to a more scalable solution after the stable release? I am interested in the Manual Install process for Landscape on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, is there an ETA on when this will be posted?

Thank you!

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Yes, it will be possible to migrate from Quickstart to a scalable solution after the stable release. The gist of it will be backing up and restoring your Postgres database to its own machine or Juju application, then reinstalling and configuring the other components as you see fit (Landscape Server, Rabbitmq, HAProxy/Apache). For Landscape Server itself, this usually means simply copying your config files from your old installation to the new one.

While I don’t have an ETA on the posting of a write-up of the manual install process, it’s likely to be very similar to the steps for 19.10, but using the latest Ubuntu LTS and versions of dependencies.

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Thank you for the clear answer on migrating from quickstart to a scalable installation, Mitch. I assumed this was the gist of the migration process, so nice to see that confirmed. I will also review the installation steps for the previous version on 19.10 that you linked, and maybe skip the quickstart process all together.



Is there an ETA for this to be out of beta. Our current company policy does not allow for beta products, so I’m waiting for this to be released with full support.

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We are anticipating the next stable version to be released in late February, we’re almost there!

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We are working on a formal announcement but I wanted to share with those asking on Discourse that Landscape version 23.03 is a stable release, and is available for download!

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Hi, I cant find release notes.
I’m working with a client and buying ubuntu pro for landscape on-prem
But they have a handfull of debian servers they want to manage with landscape untill these servers are migrated to ubuntu pro.
Is this possible?

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Release notes, a press release, and updates to our marketing pages are coming soon. To answer your question about managing Debian instances, they should be able to manage up to 10 Debian instances with a self-hosted Landscape instance, in addition to any number of Ubuntu machines that have an Ubuntu Pro subscription associated with them. It is possible to get an Ubuntu Pro token for a machine through https://ubuntu.com/pro or through any public cloud which offers Ubuntu Pro virtual machines. If you have a need to manage a larger footprint of Debian machines, we can make some arrangements, please reach out to us.