Aaron Prisk | Membership Application

Hello all!
I would like to put my name forward for Ubuntu Membership.

Past & Current Contributions

  • Have worked with educators, school administrators and non-profit institutions for over 10 years to help expand technology access and reduce e-waste throughout North America using Ubuntu and open source technologies.
  • Volunteer with my local university and trade school in Pennsylvania, United States to teach students about Ubuntu, the societal benefits of open source software, and the importance of FOSS related skills in career opportunities
  • Have published a number of featured blog posts on OpenSource.com and the Ubuntu Blog.
  • Actively working on improving the Ubuntu Community documentation offerings at ubuntu.com/community
  • Working with the LoCo Rebooters Group to help revitalize the critically important Local Communities program.
  • Represented the Ubuntu Community at various Open Source events and conferences - Most recently SCaLE & All Things Open
  • Served as a lead organizer for the Ubuntu Summit 2023

Future Plans

I have some fairly ambitious plans that I hope I will be able to see come to fruition.

  • Help build a sustainable and thriving Local Community program that leads to a renaissance of new users, advocates and leaders.
  • The creation of a new “Ubuntu Community Portal” where we can collect and share all the amazing community stories, connect people with purpose and reward inspiring achievements.
  • Help expand the usage of Ubuntu in primary and secondary education through global advocacy, outreach and training.
  • Create a podcast to spotlight some of the amazing and often underrepresented voices in the community
  • Publish a few Snaps in the App Centre :slight_smile:

Launchpad Profile:

The Ubuntu Community has always been incredibly special to me and has been part of my life for nearly 20 years. As a young user, IT professional, student mentor and now Community Engineer, I’ve always tried to contribute back to the project and community.
It’s a tremendous honor to be considered for membership.

Thank you!


I had the pleasure of meeting Aaron for the first time at SCaLE this past year, in person. I noticed his name floating around, but had not interacted much with him before that point. Aaron shared his story of joining the Ubuntu Community with me, and while it was sudden, he embraced the challenge and flourished. He cares deeply about the community, and personally, not just professionally, aspires to see it thrive.

Aaron is an passionate and vibrant contributor who is exemplary of core Ubuntu values, written and unwritten. His decade of experience in education shows, through his considerate and thoughtful, yet enthusiastic attitude. If you ever have doubts as to the depth of his contributions, let me assure you, the countless hours (and straight days) of behind-the-scenes work and sleepless nights, and the tough conversations and decisions required to maintain a resilient community, are taxing, but hold the community up in ways you would not even imagine. Besides the tough work in conference organization and Local Community Team planning, Aaron is always friendly and approachable, working to take my sincere concerns (and the sincere concerns of the broader community) seriously.

We would be fortunate to have such a dedicated contributor join the roster of officially-recognized Ubuntu Members. Regardless of the outcome, let’s continue to encourage and support Aaron, as he takes the next steps in his Ubuntu journey. Although Aaron has not told me he will, I suspect he would be an excellent member of the new LoCo Council, so I would personally encourage the Ubuntu Membership Board to swiftly approve his application.


I do agree with what @tsimonq2 said, @aaronprisk contributions can’t be denied.

My first bump with him was after the topic of loco council resurrection started. Since then, I have been virtually engaged with him here. He is very dedicated to reviving the new loco portal for the Ubuntu Community and organizing Ubuntu Summit with the rest of the Ubuntu Summit organizer teams. It was an amazing and unforgettable summit experience. Not to forget, he also smoothened our preparation with sponsorship and loco pack for our event UbuCon Asia 2023.

Not only that, he and Canonical Community team plus the Ubuntu Community Council also supported us during the Summit’s Community Workshop.

With all his past and current contributions, I personally vote for his application approval and welcome him on board. I do hope others Ubuntu Membership Board approve his application too. :crossed_fingers:


I’ve had the good fortune to collaborate with Aaron on both Ubuntu Summit 2022 and 2023, and he’s also assisted me with the Ubuntu booth at the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) in 2023 and the Ubuntu booth and UbuCon speaking track at SCALE for 2024.

Aaron is someone who’s not only dedicated to Ubuntu and its community, he really understands what Ubuntu means. He’s kind and respectful with suggestions, even when those suggestions are incredibly good ideas. He follows through on commitments, he’s an example of positive community interaction and also works hard to encourage and inspire others.

It’s clear to me that his years and years of Ubuntu support and encouraging others to grow technologically also perfectly fit his years of supporting the community and inspiring others. He has solid, practical, and visionary ideas for the Ubuntu community and is working to put them into practice.

Aaron is a perfect example of someone who loves Ubuntu and has been a positive addition to the community, and nothing would make me happier than seeing his efforts officially recognized with Ubuntu Membership.


Hiya Aaron,

could you please add yourself to your preferred meeting in the schedule at Membership/Boards - Ubuntu Wiki or indicate which meeting you’d like, and I can add you there. Unfortunately, we don’t schedule beyond one month.

Could I please be added to one of the first Thursday slots of next month?

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I’ve added you to the 20:00 UTC meeting on Thursday, December 7th. This can be changed up to 24 hours prior to the meeting so it’s not set in stone if you want or need to move it.


My name is Andrew Dobbie. I have been a certified teacher in Ontario, Canada for 20+ years. I am currently guiding students in the Peel District School Board enrolled in the grade 6 Regional Science & Technology program.
I’m proud to say that Aaron has been my Linux Mentor for almost 4 years now. His efforts have ensured thousands of students have more equitable access to computers in classrooms throughout Ontario, Canada. Aaron continues to teach me how to modify & install his student CorvOS (built using a Linux backbone) onto older, slower computers. He has also provided me with remote instruction & continued guidance/troubleshooting regarding the installation & use of an Ubuntu/FOG server to deploy our student-tailored CorvOS (kiosk) image for our classrooms.
Aaron’s guidance continues to be the foundation of our student-led Tech Stewardship elective program, in which children (aged 11-13) learn about computer hardware, software, BIOS modification, Linux OS installation, Linux servicing, and student client training re: the use of Linux computers.
Due to Aaron’s support, our continued efforts have been recognized by the United Nation’s Teach Sustainable Development Goal Global Ambassadors. We joined as TeachSDG Global Ambassadors in cohort 3 (2019): http://www.teachsdgs.org/our-ambassadors.html and have been working to achieve the UN SDGs ever since.
Some of my old grade 6 students who first started our classroom Tech Stewardship Program are now in university studying computer sciences, and they continue to act as TeachSDG Ambassadors while working with another local charity LGT.
LGT is part of our community outreach program in which we identify families in need, give them a free Linux computer, and teach them how to use it.
The magnitude of Aaron’s contributions to our United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal achievements are immeasurable because LGT continues to expand in multiple cities throughout Ontario (with plans to help in cities throughout Canada).
Aaron is our Linux Expert and our Canadian community is so appreciative🙏
I believe Aaron should be acclaimed as an active Ubuntu community member🙌


About time ! :wink:


I genuinely thought @aaronprisk was already a member. If he isn’t the he sure should be. His plans for the LoCo’s etc should have us all excited about what he can achieve here as an ubuntu member.


Aaron has been a crucial part in pushing the Ubuntu community forward and kicking off LoCo reboot efforts. Aaron played an instrumental part in the creation of the Ubuntu HPC community engineering team by helping us identify the direction we wanted to take, how to engage with audiences that are not familiar with supercomputing, and reviewed several blog posts and media for us. I also had the pleasure of working with Aaron on organising the 2023 Ubuntu Summit (even though he left summit organiser off his name badge) and I am working with Aaron to organise the revival of UbuCon @ SCaLE.

Having Aaron become an official Ubuntu Member would become a huge win for us, especially to have someone so passionate about Ubuntu representing us at events, and Aaron’s membership will show that both new and veteran community members have much to look forward too in the future!


Well, I think all other folks already spoke everything what i wanted to talk about :slight_smile: To add some comments a bit on that, I would like to highlight Aaron’s efforts on LoCo reboot - especially revamping loco online services such as the new LoCo portal and LoCo category setup on discourse.

Now I’m just excited to see what Aaron will do in the future as one of Ubuntu Members.




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Last minute endorsement!

Aaron has been wonderful in helping Edubuntu get its website back, albeit as a temporary placeholder until the Canonical IS team can get us a permanent home. We are grateful for everything Aaron has done remarkable things for the Ubuntu community and for Edubuntu over the past 6+ months! Aaron definitely deserves Ubuntu membership. :slight_smile:


Thank you to all those who shared your extremely kind words and encouragement!

It’s a great honor to join the ranks of the Ubuntu Members and I look forward to being part of this great community for many years to come! :grinning:


Congratulations, Aaron!!

(and sorry that I did not post here, I only learned today that you applied and succeeded.)


Nothing more to add -
Just affirmation that Arron’s remarkable endeavors is awarded by Ubuntu Membership in today’s Membership Board meeting.
Welcome aboard !


Congratulations & welcome on board!

apologies as I can’t stay awake for your meeting with the boards


Congratulations @aaronprisk ! I am so happy you are now an Ubuntu member!