A Surprising New Remix Of Ubuntu 20.04 Brings Unity Back To Life

Nice little writeup!


Literally, I was quite surprised when I looked on the websites and saw the Ubuntu Unity Remix being announced:


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There has always been something that Unity had that was just brilliant in redefining how a desktop UI could work. Way ahead of its time, maybe with more recent hardware being capable of running it more efficiently it may see some resurgence.


On my Bionic system, Unity is SO much faster and more responsive than the default GNOME desktop. I think Xenial is still my FAVORITE release and Iā€™m very nervous about upgrading to Focal.

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I am still running xenial on my ThinkCentre m715s (AMD PRO A8-9600 R7, AMD CARRIZO) and Unity is so much faster than GNOME Shell. And yes I tried GNOME shell without animations on 18.04 and 20.04 and there are significant slow downs. I am surprised how fast Unity is even with many apps open.

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