A skia renderer for Mir

Guys, I want to develop skia renderer for mir. Suggest some resources

@hemu312 this really should be a new topic as it doesn’t relate to releasing Mir 2.17.0

Could you explain what you want to achieve by developing a skia renderer? It would help focus any responses.

As for resources, how is this? Getting Involved in Mir

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I suppose that would be a way to avoid reliance on GL, i.e. software rendered Mir?

That’s something we pondered that we should have in the long run, only never found time.

Apart from the above pages, here’s where the relevant code lives: mir/src/renderers at main · canonical/mir · GitHub

NB: the apps running on top would also need to not rely on GL for this to have more of an impact.

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skia have both opengl and vulkan backend. So by using skia we can get more hardware acceleration without having to deal with low level GL code. And we can use either of skia backend as per needs. So benefits of vulkan will be available.