A request for Desktop Icons NG backport -> 20.04

Hi all,

I know this has been brought up before, but after testing Hirsute for a bit, I am convinced that Desktop Icons NG fixes a large and frustrating usability issue on the LTS desktop. It’s a wonderful restoration of functionality that I still trip over myself expecting from “muscle memory” in 20.04, but being reminded that I can’t do simple things like drag and drop.

I have read some others suggestions to just install the extension oneself, and upon investigation, I found that it wasn’t a very clear process. Even Igor at dedoimedo.com had issues with going this route -> https://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/gnome-ding.html .

For these reasons, I am hoping that someone out there (hopefully more than one) agrees that replacing the current desktop icons package in 20.04 would only help those on an LTS desktop. As excited as I am for the interim releases (especially concerning Wayland and Pipewire), I don’t want to move away from a well-supported release to have a desktop that we could have (and I feel should have) in 20.04. I know that some work would be involved, but I for one would be very grateful, for what it’s worth.

Thanks to all for your time.


Sounds like a reasonable request; this is a crucial element of the default Ubuntu desktop experience, so here’s my +1. I suggest you go ahead a file a bug against the ubuntu-backports project on Launchpad.



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